The art of painting icons came on the territory of Kiev Russ along with Christianity. The word icon comes from Greek "aikon" - picture, image, imprint. It was carefully worked through, canonized mystical portrayal system of characters and events about God's personification and Church's history. As it is known they decorated temples with icons. Not every artist could have a right to paint the icons. It should have been a highly skilled master, who moreover thoroughly acquired church canons of Christianity. That's why ancient icons are the example of high technique house painting. They are refined in coloring, proportions and oriented on earthly criterion of the beautiful.


Varnished miniature

Varnished works of art are the articles of decorative and everyday purpose. They are made of papier-mache, sometimes of wood or metal, covered with the pellicle of varnish and decorated with painting. In Russia varnished miniatures began to appear in the end of 18th century in the village of Fedoskino (Moscow region), when merchant P.I. Korobov established production of caskets decorated with painting. Lately varnished miniature began to develop in Sverdlovsky region (lower Tagyl), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), in Ukraine (Kiev).

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